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Jontavious Willis - The Third Day Of The Devil's Music

2017-07-05 11:47

Jontavious Willis

Young bluesman Jontavious Willis, born in Greenville, Georgia in 1996, plays all types of country blues: Delta, Piedmont, Texas, Gospel blues and he is equally adept as a fingerpicker, flat-picker and slide player.
Jontavious Willis is an autodidactic multi-instrumentalist, just 21 years old, he finished his studies at Columbus State University, majoring in sociology and anthropology. The emerging bluesman plays harmonica, 5-string banjo, and guitar. As his main influences he cites Muddy Waters for guitar, Sonny Boy Williamson on harmonica and Papa Charlie Jackson on banjo. His big breakthrough came in August of 2015 when Taj Mahal asked him to come on stage to play. From then Jontavious has toured the major festivals all across the US.
Willis recorded his first self released album in 2016 "Blue Metamorphosis", out on April of 2017.