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Andy Poxon - Must Be Crazy

Andy Poxon - Must Be Crazy

Andy Poxon
"Must Be Crazy"
EllerSoul Records ER-1509-24
13 Tracks - 2015

1. You Must Be Crazy
2. Living Alone
3. Next To You
4. Give Me The Chance
5. Cold Weather
6. Don’t Tell Your Mama
7. Harder Everyday
8. I Want To Know
9. Already Gone
10. Making A Fool
11. Don’t Tell Me What To Do
12. Too Late
13. Rebound

Andy Poxon Band - Live 2015 - Video

Band Members
Andy Poxon -Guitar, Vocals
Jim Hoke-Saxophone
Chloe Kohanski-Vocals (Background)
Steve Mackey-Bass
The McCrary Sisters- Vocals (Background)
Kevin McKendree-Organ, Piano, Piano (Electric)
Yates McKendree-Organ
Kenneth Blevins-Drums