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Barry Levenson - The Visit

Barry Levenson - The Visit

Barry Levenson
"The Visit"
Label    Rip Cat
Catalog number     1501
Release Date    Jul 21, 2015
Recording Time     60 minutes


I Wonder Why
Ice Cold Kiss
The Visit
Steel City
Magic Groove
This Time I'm Gone For Good (Feat. Billy Price)
It's Mighty Crazy
Last Train To Nowhere
Talkin' To Myself
Shadows At Midnight
Flip Side
You're Gonna Need Me (Feat. Billy Price)


Barry Levenson     , Guitar, Vocals
Mike Thompson     Keyboards
Hank Van Sickle, Bass
Mike Sandberg     Drums, Percussion
Jay Edward     Harmonica
Phil Krawzak     Horn
Billy Price     Vocals


Barry Levenson - The Visit - 2015 - Audio