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Breezy Rodio - So Close It

Breezy Rodio - So Close It

Breezy Rodio (Italy)

"So Close To It"
Windchill Records 2014
15 tracks



1. When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
2. So Close to It
3. Just About to Lose Your Clown (feat. Chris Foreman)
4. Walking With My Baby (feat. Billy Branch)
5. Sneakin' Around
6. Time to Come Back Home
7. Too Lazy
8. Mary
9. The Day I Met You (feat. Carl Weathersby & Joe Barr)
10. I Can't Get Enough of You
11. Please Accept My Love (feat. Chris Foreman)
12. I Win Some More (feat. Lurrie Bell)
13. One Broken Heart for Sale (feat. Chris Foreman)
14. How Much Can a Poor Man Take
15. Evil Hearted Woman


Band members:

Breezy - guitar and vocals
“Ariyo” Sumito Ariyoshi - piano
Chris Foreman - organ
Light Palone - bass
Lorenzo Francocci - drums. 


Bill Overton on sax
Art Davis or Doug Scharf - trumpet
Billy Branch and Quique Gomez - harmonica
Lurrie Bell -  vocals / guitar
Joe Barr - vocals

Carl Weathersby - vocals


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