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Buddy Guy - Live At The Checkerboard, chicago 1970 - tracklist + bandmembers

Buddy Guy

"Live At The Checkerboard, Chicago 1970"

RockBeat Records ROC-CD-3338

(Reedition of 1988)

2016 - 10 Tracks

Band Lineup :

Buddy Guy - guitar, vocals

Phil Guy - guitar

Little Phil Smith - guitar

J.W. Williams - bass

Ray Allison - drums

L.C. Thurston - vocals on *


Buddy's Blues, Pt.1
I've Got a Right to Love My Woman
Tell Me What's Inside of You [1st Set]
Done Got Over You
Things I Used to Do, The
You Don't Know How I Feel
Dollar Done Fell, The
Buddy's Blues, Pt. 2
Don't Answer the Door *
Tell Me What's Inside of You [2nd Set]