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Chris O'Leary - Gonna Die Cryin'

Chris O'Leary - Gonna Die Cryin'

Chris O’Leary  
Gonna Die Tryin’
American Showplace Music ASM-5227
13 Tracks - 2015

01. Can’t Help Yourself
02. 19? A Day (Clean)
03. Hook Line And Sinker
04. Gonna Die Trying
05. Letters From Home
06. The Devil Drove To Town In A V8 Ford
07. The Machine
08. Walking Contradiction (Clean)
09. Harvest Time
10. One More Saturday Night
11. Tell It To Me Straight
12. 19? A Day (Explicit)
13. Walking Contradiction (Explicit)

Chris O'Leary - 19c A Day - 2015 - Audio

Chris O'Leary Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
John Mooney Guitar
Chris Vitarello Guitar
Bruce Katz Organ, Piano
Matt Raymond     Bass
Jay Delvin Drums
Chris Difrancesco Sax (Baritone)
Andy Stahl Sax (Tenor)
Vinnie Nobile Trombone
Willa McCarthy     Vocals
Libby Cabello Vocals
Chris O'Leary - Blues Is A Woman - Live 2014 - Video

Chris O'Leary Band - Live 2015 - Video