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Janiva Magness - Blue Again - tracklist + band members

Janiva Magness
"Blue Again"
Blue Elan/Fathead Records - 2017
EP - 6 Tracks

Musicians :

Januva Magness - vocals
Garrett Deloian - guitar
Arlan Schierbaum - hammond
Gary Davenport - bass
Matt Teeu - drums
Guests :
David "Kid" Ramos - guitar
Sugaray Rayford - vocals
Zach Zunis - guitar
1. I Can Tell (4:19)
2. I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know (5:38)
3. If I Can’t Have You (4:00)
4. Tired of Walking (3:08)
5. Buck (2:31)
6. Pack It Up (3:54)

That defiant attitude drives Blue Again, Magness’ new record being released on Blue Élan/Fathead Records on May 12. A succinct artistic statement, Blue Again collects Magness’ interpretations of a half dozen classics from the blues canon and beyond, including numbers made famous by Bo Diddley, Freddie King, Etta James, and Nina Simone.

“The whole record is about getting back to my taproot,” says Magness. “The process was just digging through a large pile of some of my favorite material, my favorite classic blues songs, to come up with these, my absolute favorites.”

The 2017 EP "Blue Again" is available for purchase and download on Amazon and  i-Tunes .