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John Ginty - No Filter

John Ginty - No Filter

John Ginty
"No Filter"
Label American Showplace Music ASM-5116
2015 - 11 tracks


01. Fredo (Feat. Lou Pallo) (4:24)
02. Ball Of Fire (Feat. Cris Jacobs) (4:46)
03. Old Shoes (Feat. Alexis P. Suter & Jimmy Bennett) (4:49)
04. Elevators (Feat. Cris Jacobs) (3:51)
05. Battlegrounds (Feat. Cara Kelly) (5:41)
06. Rock N' Roll Sunday (Paul Gerdts) (5:39)
07. Annandale (Feat. Cris Jacobs) (4:00)
08. No Jelly (Feat. Jimmy Bennett) (6:16)
09. Pirates (Feat. Cris Jacobs) (4:31)
10. No Filter (Feat. Cara Kelly) (6:30)
11. Fredo (Feat. Redman) (Remix) (4:35)

John Ginty feat Cara Kelly - No Filter - 2015 - Audio

Albert Poliak & John Ginty - The Hammond B3 Sound - Video


John Ginty     Hammond B3, Organ (Hammond), Piano, Percussion, Drums,Vocals
Jimmy Bennett     Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
Cris Jacobs     Guitar, Vocals
Paul Kuzik     Bass, Vocals
Dan Fadel     Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Andrei Koribanics     Drums, Percussion
Paul Gerdts     Vocals
Billy Harvey      Vocals
Cara Kelly      Vocals
Lou Pallo     Guitar
Redman     Vocals
Alexis P. Suter      Vocals