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Missy Andersen - In The Moment

Missy Andersen - In The Moment

Missy Andersen 

"In The Moment"
Main Squeeze Records - 2014
11 songs – 51 minutes



Rent Party
Whole Lotta Nuthin'
Night Stalker
More Than Enough
Better Or Worse
No Regrets
Same Things Make You Laugh Will Make You Cry
Reach Out
Ladies Shoes
Hey Now!
I've Been Walkin'


Band Members

Missy Andersen - vocals
Heine Andersen - guitar
Michael J. Minor - drums
Rafael Salmon - keys
Ken Dow - Bass
Travis Klein - sax


Missy Andersen - Ladies Shoes - Audio

Missy Andersen - Whole Lotta Nuthin' - Live - Video