XXI Century Blues - Present and Future of The Blues

On The Road With Candye Cane

Candye Kane Band feat Bob Margolin
Candye Cane Extravaganza
Live at Double Door Inn    
Charlotte, NC - USA
May 25, 2007


1 Just Got Lucky
2 Candye Kane Intro
3 You Need A Great Big Woman
4 Put It All In There
5 Back With My Old Friends
6 I'm Not Gonna Cry Today
7 Done Got Over It
8 I Said Now
9 Lucky To Be Loved By You
10 I Need A Man
11 Poetry Cocktai;
12 I Put The Blues On You
13 Fine Brown Frame
14 White Trash Girl
15 Long Ago
16 Crazy Little Thing
17 200 Pounds Of Fun
18 You Smile and Love Spell(Cuts in the midlle)
19 Lets Commit Adultery
20 All You Can Eat
Candye Kane - Vocals
Evan Caleb - Drums
Bob Margolin - guitar
Bill Stuve - Bass & Vocals
Heine Anderson - guitar

Love Candye...a great true artist, RIP 05/06/2016