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On The Road With Sean Costello #2

On The Road With Sean Costello #2

Sean Costello
Live at Upfront & Company
Marquette, MI, USA
June 17, 2000

2nd Set



Set 2 (65:40):


01. Introduction
02. Moanin' for Molasses
03. It Takes Time
04. Cold Cold Ground
05. San-ho-zay
06. You're Killing My Love
07. Cuttin' In
08. A Man and the Blues
09. No Lie/
10. Hucklebuck
11. Who's Been Cheating Who
12. I Got Loaded
13. Mama, Talk to Your Daughter
14. Gangster of Love

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Crestlawn Cementery,Atlanta
Fulton County
Georgia, USA