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RUMBA BLUES FROM THE 1940's - LATIN MUSIC SHAPING THE BLUES - tracklist + artist list

Rumba Blues From The 1940's
Latin Music Shaping The Blues
Various Artists
Rhythm And Blues Records RANDB-026
2016 - CD Set - 107 Tracks

Tracklist :
Track Tittle / Artist
Disc One
1. Satan Does The Rhumba/ Erskine Hawkins And His Orchestra
2. Rhapsody In Rhumba/  Cab Calloway
3. Rex Rhumba /King Cole Trio
4. T-Bone Blues /T-Bone Walker
5. De Laff's On You /Louis Jordan
6. Conga Brava /Duke Ellington
7. Holy Holy Roly-Poly /Skeets Tolbert
8. Saratoga Rock /Johnny Sparrow & His Bows & Arrows
9. Harlem Rhumbain' The Blues /Hot Lips Page
10. Bongo Blues /Russell Jacquet
11. Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land /The Charioteers
12. Rhumboogie /Freddie Slack with Will Bradley Trio
13. La Rumbantela /Machito & His Afro-Cubans
14. Minor Jive /Roy Eldridge
15. Death Letter Blues /Jimmy Yancey
16. Porto Rico /Bunk Johnson
17. Packing Up Getting Ready To Go/ The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet
18. Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho /The Delta Rhythm Boys
19. Ecstasy  /Johnny Alston
20. In A Little Spanish Town /Cecil Gant
21. He Don't Love Me Any More /Helen Humes
22. Mo Pas Lemme Ca /The Creole Serenaders
23. Round And Round /The Valley Blue Lu Barker
24. Cuban Rhumbarini / Slim Gaillard Trio
25. Pasadena Rhumboogie /Joe Lutcher
26. Rich-ual Dance / Buddy Rich

 Disc Two
1. Tanya/ Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers
2. The Plain Old Down Home Blues /T-Bone Walker
3. Blow Big Jay  /Big Jay McNeely
4. Highway 75/ Bill Hayes
5. Bang Bang Boogie  /King Cole Trio
6. Calypso Daddy /Jeanne Demetz w Johnny Alston
7. New Orleans Is My Home /Ellis Walsh
8. Mardi Gras /Joe Lutcher
9. Mardi Gras In New Orleans /Professor Longhair
10. Oooh La La /Paul Gayten
11. Carnival Day /Dave Bartholomew
12. Bon Ton Roula/ Clarence Garlow
13. Freddie's Calypso /Freddie Mitchell
14. I Declare This World /The Jubalaires
15. Choo Choo /The Four Vagabonds
16. Sweet Georgia Brown /Brother Bones
17. Manteca /Dizzy Gillespie
18. Rhumba Blues /King Cole Trio
19. Run Joe /Louis Jordan
20. Puerto Vootie /Slim Gaillard Trio
21. Back Yard Affair/ Sonny Thompson
22. Back Home Blues /Lowell Fulsom
23. Earl's Rhumboogie/ Earl Bostic
24. Who's Been Jivin' You A87/ Jimmy Witherspoon
25. Drunk Or Sober /Goree Carter
26. Mango Blues /T.J. Fowler
27. Shake 'Em Up /Buddy Johnson

 Disc Three
1. Bongo Cito /Slim Gaillard Trio
2. Mambo No. 5/ Pérez Prado
3. Bongo Blues/ Dee Williams Sextette
4. Frenesi /Freddie Mitchell
5. Push-Ka-Pee She Pie /Louis Jordan
6. Hey Little Girl/ Professor Longhair
7. Hey Pretty Baby /Erskine Hawkins
8. Hey Mama!  /Joe Liggins
9. Hey Little Girl / Paul Gayten
10. Hey Now Baby /Professor Longhair
11. Tropical Fever /Russell Jacquet
12. Messy Bessy /Dave Bartholomew
13. Jumpin' At The Mardi Gras/ Joe Lutcher And His Orchestra
14. One, Two, Three Kick Blues /Tiny Bradshaw
15. That's Your Last Boogie /Joe Swift w Johnny Otis Orchestra
16. Sarah, Sarah! /King Perry
17. Mean Old World Blues/ T-Bone Walker
18. Whose Hat Is That /Roy Brown
19. The Blues Rock Texas/ Johnny Brown
20. Growing Old/ Smiley Lewis
21. Ah Cubanas/ Dave Bartholomew
22. Mexican Reminescences /Champion Jack Dupree
23. Go Bongo/ King Cole Trio
24. Sunday Mornin' Blues /Edgar Hayes
25. Tia Juana /Joe Morris
26. The Mojo /Sax Mallard
27. Waga Waga Frantic /Fay Thomas

Disc Four
1. Calypso Blues /King Cole Trio
2. Tondelayo /Big Jay McNeely
3. Wait Now  /King Perry
4. Longhair's Blues-Rhumba /Professor Longhair
5. Early In The Morning/ Louis Jordan
6. I Wish You Were Mine /T-Bone Walker
7. Long Gone  /Sonny Thompson
8. Jesus Met The Woman At The Well/ The Pilgrim Travelers
9. St Louis Blues /The Jubalaires
10. Shadrack /The Golden Gate Quartet
11. I Can't Be Satisfied/ Muddy Waters
12. Bull Fiddle Boogie/ Pee Wee King
13. Take A Ride/ Joe Lutcher
14. The Rhumba Blues/ Skeets Tolbert
15. Bum Mae /Dave Bartholomew
16. Blues After Hours/ Pee Wee Crayton
17. Opportunity /Erskine Hawkins
18. Blue Shadows/ Lowell Fulsom
19. Laguna Oroonee/ Slim Gaillard
20. You Shouldn't/ Paul Gayten
21. El Ritmo /Little Brother Montgomery
22. Fascination/ Joe Liggins
23. Rhumba Boogie Woogie /Cecil Gant
24. Bongo Boogie Texas/ Johnny Brown
25. Tenderly/ Lynn Hope
26. Bahama Joe/ Louis Jordan
27. Fat Meat 'n' Greens /Edgar Hayes