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SaRon Crenshaw - Drivin' tracklist + band members

SaRon Crenshaw
Self Released - 2017

2 CD Set:
CD 1: 5 Songs, 40:25 Minutes
CD 2: 5 Songs, 41:12 Minutes

Musicians :

SaRon Crenshaw - guitar, vocal
Tom Larsen - rhythm and lead guitar
Eric Finland - C3 hammond organ
Jimmy Odum - bass 
Jordan Rose - drums
Wayne Tucker - sax
Thomas Hutchings - sax
Richard Lee - trumpet
Tracklist :
1 - Drivin'
2 - World of Misery
3 - Been a Long Time
4 - Pilot Light
5 - Footprints in the Snow
6 - Jailer Blues
7 - Feel Like Crying
8 - Memories
9 - Betty Lane
10 - I Hear the Music
The 2017 album, Drivin', contains all original material by Crenshaw composed over the last few years, incorporating influences from country-western music as well as R&B. The inspiration for Drivin' came when Crenshaw bought a vintage Cadillac, which he says, "would run for two or three weeks before it predictably broke down, costing me a fortune." The result was the title track, and a double record set of long format, live-feel blues, imagined to a backdrop of traveling the road with his beloved "Lucille" model Gibson (signed personally by B.B. King). Crenshaw has consistently been described in superlatives. Drivin' is available for purchase and download on Amazon, iTune and CDbaby.